The Name

...My Grandfather John, a butcher by trade, was a do it yourselfer out of necessity.  You see, he was a perfectionist.  Most every time he hired someone to do a job it came out less than perfect.  He said I'll just learn how to do it right and then it will be good.  More times than not he needed help with these projects, and since the help was totally voluntary, he felt he could tell you exactly how to do his project.  If you weren't doing it right, he would tell you were doing it "half assed" and he wouldn't have it.  Just one little catch...  he had small children around so half assed came out like half fast the majority of the time.

 This was always a family joke of ours and we said one day it might be a name for a business...

 So haF.AST was created to do the work the right way, on time, as promised, for a fair price...not half assed!

 Go ahead, read it with the pause at the dot and read it again with the pause after the lowercase letters and get in on our little family joke.

 Oh, the bulldozer logo is just a neat little cartoon that's easy to recognize.