As a professional Excavator, Erik can create a functional and aesthetically-pleasing driveway for any property. Whether it is installing a new driveway properly from the ground up (pun intended) or fixing an existing one, he will first assess to determine the scope of work needed, such as grading, subgrading, and compaction. With our specialized equipment, haF.AST can:

  • Install a new driveway with your choice of gravel
  • Add on to your existing driveway(widen, parking area, turn around, etc)
  • Resurface, redefine, and/or grade an existing driveway
  • Repair water damage or potholes

Various types of gravel are available:

  • 2B local Gravel
  • 1B (pea) Gravel
  • Crushed Concrete
  • Recycled asphalt millings
  • 2A or 2RC crushed bank gravel
  • 2A limestone
  • 2B #57 limestone
  • 1B #8 limestone
  • White Rock (crushed sandstone)